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During the time spent in Murat Reis Ayvalık, the opportunities to discover new places and local flavours never end: villages with many art exhibitions and workshops, landed properties where the processing of olive oil experienced and many more await you at Ayvalık.

With its historical monuments, lively streets and the other interesting features, Ayvalık is a dream come true for many people.

There are 22 islands around the place and the spot offers a view through Lesbos Island that is one of the outstanding islands of the region. The weather conditions are generally ideal for everyone.

Alibey (Cunda) Island

As a cosy coastal spot, Cunda Island (also known as Alibey Island) offers a rich history, amazing bays and many more beauties.

During summer season, you can reach here with boats from Ayvalık every hour or by bridge if you prefer to come here with your car.

Cunda Island is mostly known for its delicious meals, appetizers and seafood. In addition, one can explore the hidden historical treasures like Taksiyarhis Church.

Churches of Ayvalık

Taksiyarhis Church is located in an interesting place in which people from different religions live together. The church absolutely shows this meeting of differences with its architecture and history. Many people visit here to see the characteristics that are able to resist up to today. The church and the street around it show the features of a neo-classic periods’ traces.

There are some interesting churches and monasteries around Ayvalık such as Aya Nikola Church, Ayışığı Monastery and Leka Monastery.

Şeytan Sofrası

8 km from the center of Ayvalık, Şeytan Sofrası is known to be an ancient lava ruin which is believed to has the footprint of the Devil. When you go up, you are welcomed by an amazing landscape view combined with Ayvalık Islands and Midilli Island. You can reach Şeytan Sofrası with a 15 minutes trip from Ayvalık.

The place is mostly favored by the tourists since it offers such a magical view especially during the sunset times.

Old Ayvalık Houses

The houses of Ayvalık region are quite special in a way that they carry the historical traces of the past successfully. When you look around carefully, you can even understand what was going on here earlier. With an amazing architecture, these houses are generally made of 2,5 or 3 floors and they are adjoin to each other.

Ayvalık Beaches

Probably the most popular beach, Sarımsaklı is known to have tiny sands and it hosts many spots that you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. It is 7-kilometers-long and it is 8 km from the center. Altınova is also often favored by the people and travellers who come to Ayvalık since it is very clean and only 13 kilometers from the town center. Ali Çetinkaya Beach is also one of the frequently visited beaches in the area.

Güvercin Island

Located in Pateriça, this is a place where you can have the opportunity to explore the historical ruins like the monastery. There is a monastery that was built just on a island that is located in the middle of Pateriça Bay and this historical monument is frequently visited by the tourists.


As a hill, it is definitely an ultimate place to enjoy a view! Çamlık will make you experience such amazing moments in which you can explore the history, the soul and the spirit of the town. The region is surrounded by pinewoods and there are some interesting places like “Delikli Taş” and “Kartal Yuvası”; you may also want to visit these ones during your holiday in Ayvalık.


İstanbul - Ayvalık - by land 489 km

İzmir – Ayvalık – by land 135 km

İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport – Ayvalık – by land 174 km

Edremit Koca Seyit Airport – Ayvalık – by land 55 km




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