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Back and Shoulder Massage (30 min)

GIt is aimed to minimize tension in the muscles. Provides calmness with slow and rhythmic moves and nourisment with fast moves.

Anti Celulite Massage (40 min )

With intensive pressure applied to certain areas of the body using special oils, this effective massage increases blood circulation, aids slimming and helps to prevent future cellulite from forming.

Aromatherapy Massage (50 min)

This light massage with special massage oils addresses all your senses and relaxes your muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage (50 min)

Deep Tissue Massage uses slow, long strokes with deep pressure to help reduce chronic pain, immobility, posture problems and chronic muscle tension.

Lomi Lomi Massage (50 min)

This treatment involves long and smooth massage strokes, applied with the help of the elbows. Lomi - Lomi Massage relaxes your joints, relieves you from daily stress and rejuvenates your body

Indian Head Massage (30 min)

With pressure applied to the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp an face , the Indian Head Massage uses aromatic oils and a special technique to relax your muscles and stimulate the blood flow. This therapy has a positive effect on the central nervous system and helps to reduce stress-based symptoms, insomnia and headaches.

Bali Massage (50 min)

A powerful pressure, accompanied by soft touches and stretching movements, is applied to the energy points of your body and penetrates deep through muscular tissue on the surface of your skin, balancing your energy. This treatment removes muscular tension, increases energy levels and regenerates you.

Hot Stone Massage (70 min)

Treatment applied with hot volcanic stones speeds up your pulse and respiration. Therefore, your cells receive more oxygen and provides elasticity to your tissues.

Reflexology (30 min)

Applying pressure to certain points on the soles of the feet, the Foot Reflexology Massage is one of the most popular treatment methods in the Far East. Pressure applied to the reflex zones of the feet stimulate nerves and blood circulation, alleviates energy blockages and energizes the power - related points of your body.

Swedish Massage (50 min)

A mix of soft and medium pressure, Swedish massage is considered to be the basis for all massage types. This therapy stimulates blood flow to enhance your energy flow and promotes both relaxation and tension relief.

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